Pumps & Meters


Within our large in-house parts department, R.W. McCollum Company stocks multiple variations of pumps and meters to meet the diverse demand of our customer base. First and foremost, R.W. McCollum Company is one of the longest running Liquid Controls meter dealer in the United States. Widely considered the industry leader in the production of metering equipment, Liquid Controls meters are compatible with products ranging from petroleum to chemicals to food grade materials. With a parts department stocked with a wide variety of aftermarket “L.C.” repair parts, and fully trained repair technicians on staff, R.W. McCollum is the area leader in repairing all types of existing L.C. meter equipment. And when our customers are in need of new metering equipment, our highly experienced sales staff is trained to ask the proper questions in order to provide metering solutions that are 100% compatible with the requirements of our customers. R.W. McCollum Company is also certified to calibrate all of our customers’ meters, whether they are used in liquid or propane applications.

R.W. McCollum Company is also a leading area source for both Blackmer and Roper high volume pumps. Blackmer pumps are very popular within the petroleum transport industry, and their vane driven design makes them highly compatible with most refined fuels. This vane driven design also makes the Blackmer pump one of the fastest on the market. R.W. McCollum Company stocks 2”, 2 ½”, & 3” Blackmer pumps, as well as repair parts for each. R.W. McCollum also stocks Roper pumps in both 2” and 3” varieties, as well as repair parts for each. Being a gear driven pump, Roper pumps are often used with non-refined or thicker materials.