1995 Mississippi Tank 713-M

Inventory: 713-M

Make: Mississippi Tank

Year: 1995

Serial Number: MC331

Type Tank: Propane

Shell Material: SA517E

Capacity: 11,600 250 PSI

Compartmentation: 11,600

Bulkheads: N/A

Fenders: ALL NEW Aluminum fenders

Landing Gear: 2 speed

Tire Carrier: N/A

Insulation & Outer Jacket: N/A

Vapor Recovery: N/A

Piping: Liquid and Combo Vapor/Spray Fill lines w/ all new ball valves; Lines crossover to both sides; Pump line to curbside;

Overfill System: N/A

Hose Carriers: 21' hose tubes (one per side)

Cabinets: N/A

Lights: Incondescent marker; LED tail

Brakes: S-Cam 70%

Bumper: Steel painted

Wheels: Aluminum

Suspension: Reyco Transpro 3 leaf spring

Tires: 285/75R24.5


Rear discharge lines with all new ball valves; air operated belly valves with ALL NEW actuators; 4" Blackmer pump with NEW hydraulic motor and NEW hydraulic lines and speed control valve; Fire extinguisher; Slide-in placards; ALL NEW TESTS