Dry Bulk Trailers


R.W. McCollum Company is the exclusive authorized dealer for J&L pneumatic trailers in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, & West Virginia. J&L is a division of Heil Trailer International, allowing our customers to take advantage of the industry leading engineering, manufacturing, and technical support afforded to all equipment within the Heil family of products. With multiple cubic foot capacities available, J&L pneumatic trailers are capable of hauling products including, but not limited to, cement, fly ash, sand, and plastics. Like all equipment within the Heil family of products, all J&L pneumatic trailers are completely customizable, and we at R.W. McCollum pride ourselves in designing trailers to meet the specific needs and requirements of our customers. J&L trailers are built to be as lightweight as possible, allowing our customers to maximize their payload, all the while maintaining structural integrity that is unsurpassed in the industry.